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Bride of Istanbul

If you like to watch TV series, don’t miss out on Bride of Istanbul. The Turkish transcription is Istanbullu Gelin. Th original Title is İstanbullu Gelin. The word Bölüm means series.

One other great series to check out is Love, black money love Kara Para Aşk
You can read our description Liebe Geld Türkische Serien (will be available soon in other languages).

While the Turkish series according to Wikipedia has 83 chapter, the internationals series has 301 chapters.

The movie is available with Arabian, English, Hebrew subtitles and Spanish and Turkish sound.

The story is about a strong women Esra, who tries to keep her family of four sons together after the death of her husband. All the time the eldest son Faruk and the second eldest son Fikret are managing the tourist company their father left them.

The two other sons are Osman, who has a problem with Astma and cannot work because of it and Murat, who is studying.

The story is about change. Faruk falls in love with Sureja and marries her within three days. She has to constantly get out of intrigues and the bad treating of her husband’s family. However they always unite in love again. In one episode they decide to divorce, she leaves for Prague. Everybody is waiting for their love to fall apart, because they fight all the time. But in court Sureja suddenly says she loves her husband.

Till the end Sureja is helpful and supports Esra no matter what, as she is part of the family. This is not easy as the family goes through a rough time.

In the final Episode you see everyone happy, the children of Sureja and Faruk have grown up and she receives a letter from Esra telling her how she misses everyone.

Definitely a nice move for every Turkish fan. Also be sure to check out Kara para ask.
In Europe I found to sell it on DVD.

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