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How to write a resume?

The resume is generally based on your work experience or internship experience to explore your own advantages, quantify your past with data, and make HR interested. It is generally simple and focused.

I will take you to write your first resume and introduce yourself in a low profile. Mm-hmm. I have seen thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of fresh graduates and many part-time HR interns who like soy sauce.

Before writing, please make sure you take a very nice professional photo, and then let the designer refine it repeatedly. The more beautiful the girls are, the more handsome the boys are.

Because HR in charge of recruitment will receive hundreds of resumes every day, and it usually takes about ten seconds to read the resume. If you have a good job photo, HR will look at you more.

Freshmen and interns, in fact, do not have the same ability, they are almost the same, and they need to be re trained after entering the job.

So good-looking and handsome may be the decisive factor for admission. This is a face watching world, so go to take a good job photo first, and then work hard to repair the picture.

Photos are so important, so resume layout is even more important, because the resume should be concise and clear, making people feel comfortable.

Too cool resume is dazzling, and too full resume is not allowed. Important information can be highlighted. Don’t be flashy and dominate.

After the photos and typesetting are solved, we will start to solve the rest of the resume.

Basic personal information

Basic personal information includes name, age, residence, political status and mobile phone. These are required, and you can also add a contact email.

educational background

Education background is the most important core competitiveness for new students or interns to apply for jobs. If you are a 985211 graduate from a famous university, you are very popular with enterprises.

At this time, it is necessary to highlight the professional background, professional achievement points or the competition results achieved by the profession.

Of course, most of the students are not from famous schools, and even many of them do not have much professional advantages. At this time, you can simply write down your education background and highlight your professional advantages.

If the educational background has no advantage, you can compete through other internship experience or personal skills, because enterprises do not always give priority to students from famous schools, and talents suitable for enterprises are the most important.

Job hunting intention

In fact, many students do not know what job they want to do or what job is suitable for them. When they first write their resumes, they will ignore it.

However, if you ignore the intention to apply for a job, you will send a signal to the enterprise that you are unstable. The enterprise needs stable employees. You must remember that the enterprise is to make money, and the company is not a school to help you find your life direction.

If the graduates are not clear about their job hunting intentions, the enterprise may think that you will leave at any time, and the enterprise will have employment risks. In order to avoid recruitment risks, it is the best recruitment policy for enterprises not to hire new graduates who have no job hunting intentions.

Therefore, in any case, you should write down your intention to apply for a job, and your intention to apply for a job must be related to your major, so that you can have an advantage in applying for a job.

However, in many cases, the last job of many fresh graduates has little to do with their major.

If you are not interested in the relevant positions in your major, and you have not tried to find another job before, you may not find a job.

Because the most easily employable fresh graduates are all looking for professional related jobs, they must be clear about their intention to apply for jobs earlier.

Otherwise, when applying for a job, if you change your intention temporarily, you will have to accumulate again. Without professional advantages, you will suffer a lot later. It’s not empty talk to change careers for three years.

Internship experience

It must be clear that not only the experience of working in the company is called internship experience. Many schools will prepare to hold professional assessment of internship on campus. You can write down the projects or internship assessment experience you have experienced in the school.

Because the internship program of the school is similar to that of the company, we must highlight what skills we have learned or achieved through this internship.

Business people can write as follows: One week, they worked out a project PPT and organized 30 students to do a charity sale, and sold 2000 yuan of goods

Technical students can write as follows: within one month, they built an in school student management system with two students, in which they were responsible for the database module and solved the problem of high concurrency.

In short, the results of the internship must be quantifiable and logical, so that HR can easily feel that the internship experience is credible.

If there is really no good experience to write about, the best way is to write down the students’ internship experience, and then understand the students’ internship experience.

During the interview, you can brag, but the premise is that you really understand, otherwise it is easy to reveal the truth. Alas, classmates, without strength, you will be very painful and hollow if you brag

Although I don’t support cheating, there is no way

However, the students will understand that boasting is also a very powerful work ability.

Personal skills

The fourth and sixth grades are necessary for job hunting, so this is the threshold for many job hunting, as well as PPT, WORD, EXCEL, which must be written

In fact, many students are unfamiliar with what they use before working, but it doesn’t matter, because they use it while learning after working.

I didn’t use it well when I was looking for a job. Now I can write PPT while Baidu is doing it. After all, the system is becoming more and more intelligent.

However, when applying for a job, you must write down these skills. College students who do not know PPT, WORD or EXCEL will actually read in vain. What do you think of HR?

Then, there are some job skills relative to job hunting, such as accounting certificate, securities industry qualification certificate, etc., if any, you must write them all.

Personal skills are not only certificates, but also communication skills, speech skills and organizational skills, which are comprehensive qualities.

It can be illustrated by examples, for example, having good speech ability and hosting the school sports meeting. Organizational ability: served as monitor for many years, often organized class activities, communication ability: had a lot of love, high EQ, can chat.

As for self-evaluation, many resume templates have a column of self-evaluation. Many students think that they must write it, but in fact, they really don’t need to write it.

Because your resume as a whole is your self-evaluation. If you write your self-evaluation separately, many students will easily fail to write it well, giving people the feeling of boasting.


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