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The “10 kinds of dogs” with super fast running speed are comparable to cars!

Dogs can run at a speed of 70km/h. Now let’s take a look at the “10 kinds of dogs” running at super fast speed, some of which are comparable to cars.

Type 1: Greyhound

The fastest running dog is the Greyhound, which is an ancient breed of dog. Its shape has not changed since ancient times. A visual hunting dog that was first trained to use vision to track prey. Its speed can reach 64 kilometers per hour. However, this dog prototype is not exquisite, but it is also suitable for use as a family dog.

Type 2: Dalmatian

It is commonly known as the spotted dog. In the 19th century, it was a favorite carriage guard dog of British and French noblewomen. Due to the past work needs, the Dalmatian dog has good speed and endurance. In summary, its outdoor ability is excellent and experienced, and it is more suitable for people who like running, skating, hiking and swimming.

Category 3: Alaska

Alaska is obviously a dog with well-developed legs and a poor brain. Although he is very big and weighs a lot, he always believes that he is a baby in his self-awareness. If he has nothing to do, he should be hugged by his master. But once Allah returned to his job and pulled the sled, the speed was still strong! It’s just that when you are bored, you will use your physical strength to destroy.

Type 4: Whipple Dog

The Whipple Dog is a real sporting hound, able to run the maximum distance with the least movement. The impression is beautiful and harmonious, muscular, strong and powerful, and extremely elegant and beautiful. Streamlined shape is the requirement of speed. It has long and slender limbs and a thin, soft body, so that it will not be inferior in the competition.

Category 5: Jack Russell Terrier

With unlimited energy and flexibility, Jack Russell Terrier, a curious and alert Jack Russell Terrier, stands out in the regular obstacle run. Besides, he is also a narcissistic dog who always wants to prove his speed and posture. Therefore, he is keen on digging, barking, chasing and biting. Although he is cute and can play, he is also difficult to teach.

Category 6: Australian Shepherd Dog

Like border herders, Australian Shepherds work as herders, so Australian Shepherds have developed the habit of wandering around in an open space. Their workaholic nature makes them happy at work, so their flexibility and endurance are very good, and they are high-quality athletes in various obstacle events.

The 7th kind: Weizla hound

Weizla hound is a dog born for hunting. Although its speed is not as strong as that of other dogs, it has stamina and strong drive to run in the wild. It is also a warm dog at home, easy to train, and has always performed very well as a companion dog.

Class 8: Great Dane

The Great Dane is the largest dog breed in the world, and its size is the same as that of a pony. Although it looks tall and clumsy, it can run at a speed of 30 miles per hour. The Great Dane also has a little Gongju in his heart. Asking for cuddle is also cute to many netizens.

Type 9: Husky

How could Husky, a dog who always runs around his master, not be selected? As a famous expression pack in the pet industry, Erha is well-known for its running speed, endurance, agility and executive power, which is very cute in contrast. Erha has thick double layer hair, so it is not recommended to breed in hot weather areas.

If you want to improve Erha’s house splitting behavior, first, you need to meet your sports needs. Second, you can use dog snacks (such as chicken jerky) as a reward for training. If you do well, you can reward them. In this way, they will work better with you.

Category 10: Border Collie

Compared with the frontier herdsman’s IQ, which always ranks first, the speed in the seventh place is obviously not good enough. The frontier herdsman is a typical bully. He has a good brain, good sports ability, good appearance, and strong endurance. Let the frontier herdsman and other dogs run together for half an hour. The first one to run and lie down is not the frontier herdsman.

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