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Does the master work and the dog secretly demolish the house? There are at least four ways to make it honest

It is normal for dogs to have separation anxiety, because in nature, dogs live with other dogs for 7 × No separation for 24 hours. It wants to be like us when it is at home.

But there is still a difference between people and dogs. Modern urban people have to go to school to learn or move bricks to earn money, rather than hunting with dogs like primitive people. So we must go to work, go to school and leave the family temporarily. At this time, dogs have nothing to do at home, so they have to vent their energy. It is normal to dismantle their homes.

So we should separate something that is very unnatural and make it feel natural. We should use some methods to achieve this:

First, before leaving home, you should give it enough exercise, because its physical ability can be released after exercise, so it will not open its home.

Second, you can put some of your clothes in its nest, and let it smell our smell with worn clothes. It will feel more relieved.

Third, when we go out, we should not be too excited. For example, we should say to it, “Egg tarts are gone. Bye bye” – once you do this, it will get excited. But if you normally go out and close the door, nothing happens, it will feel that this is a very natural thing.

Fourth, we also have to collect things at home so that they can’t be eaten indiscriminately. But it still hopes that something can vent its energy? We can use a food leak ball (which can contain food) or a smelling pad to let it vent its energy and find what it thinks is fun+wants to eat. Then it will vent its energy on these things without biting and tearing down the house. The dog will feel fun and relieved at home, and he will not be anxious when we leave home.

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