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Why do people “hate cats”? There are three main factors

The word “like” is highly subjective when applied to everyone.

I like it or I don’t like it. It only represents me, not others’ ideas.

Just like you like sweet food, but I don’t like it; I like spicy food, but you can’t stand it.

The same is true for raising cats.

Some people love cats very much. Cats are addictive, and they treat every cat they keep as a family member.

But some people hate cats, even fear cats.

So, what is the reason?


The sense of fall before and after raising a cat

This kind of people make up a part.

Some people had no real contact with cats before they raised them, but they just “smoke cats” on the Internet every day.

As a result, driven by desire and interest, I finally bought a cat of my own.

You can raise your own cat or just find that cats in reality are very different from those in the Internet.

The cats on the Internet are cute, smart, obedient and sensible.

The cat that can be raised by itself has a bad temper. It won’t be hugged, bites and catches people, and its obedience is poor.

These differences have already dissuaded some people.

It’s like you have never met in an online love affair.

You are full of fantasy, expectation and curiosity about him.

But after the meeting, the strong sense of difference makes you dislike him.

The same is true of cats.

What kind of people hate cats most?

Probably: people who don’t understand why they keep cats from the beginning.

Because they have no clear understanding and do not understand cats, they begin to hate cats after they have a sense of difference.

Part of the sources of stray cats outside are discarded by people who hate cats.


Fear of cats because of some bad experiences

I have a friend who hates cats.

The reason why he hates cats is not that he hates cats themselves, but that he has a strong fear of cats.

He is more afraid of cats than hates them.

Because when he was young, he was once scratched by cats.

This bad experience left some shadows in his heart; He was afraid of cats for a long time.


By contrast, I don’t like cats

The “contrast” here is to compare with other pets.

Nowadays, more and more people keep pets, and the types of pets are quite wide.

Pet dogs, crawling pets, fish, etc.

After a comparison, they found more shortcomings in cats.

When one kind of pet changes, one kind of pet will be liked and another kind of pet will be disliked.

Of course, there is another main factor:

Poor impression of cats.

In the impression of some people, cats are disloyal, insensitive and disobedient.

They believe that no matter how good you are to your cat, you can’t get a strong response from your cat.

There is nothing wrong with this.

After all, it is the pet dog that has the highest experience.

Because dogs have higher IQ and higher compliance.

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