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How to buy pure honey? What are the methods?

Now, there are many fake honey on the market, which makes it difficult for us to “start”. Many illegal profiteers, even some regular honey manufacturers, have seen the huge profits that can be made from false honey, and began to use a large number of false honey to pretend to be real honey. How to buy pure honey has become a headache for many people. Here are some solutions.

How to buy pure honey? What are the methods?

1、 Where does honey come from

First of all, is it true to collect honey on the spot in the scenic spot where “seeing is believing”? wrong. Real bee farmers often “live by flowers”. They travel from north to south with the flowering period, and sometimes leave home for two or three months as soon as they go out. Therefore, it is certainly unreasonable for the tourist area to pick honey at a fixed point. Therefore, the bee farmers revealed that the synthetic honey that was shaken down by the businessmen in the tourist area was “molasses” unless it was prepared in advance and put into the bucket. In order to increase the output, some bees fed the honey for farming to extend their lives. The honey produced at this time was not from nectar and honeydew, but only sweet, but no flower fragrance, so it should not be sold as pure honey.

Secondly, highlight the special function of honey named after a certain flower or tree. wrong. These product names are often just gimmicks, so to put it bluntly, as long as there is a forest or flower cluster in the honey producing area, the merchants claim that the honey they produce is * flower honey and * tree honey. In fact, the honey collected by bees still comes from other plants, and the taste is the same.

2、 Observe with cold water

Make honey with cold water, pour it into a glass about half a cup, and shake it quickly.

  1. A large amount of foam appears on the upper layer of the liquid and will not fade for a long time. Sometimes, the foam can last for as long as 2 hours.
  2. The liquid part appears cloudy because honey contains protein, pollen and colloid. However, fake honey not only has less foam and is easy to fade, but also the liquid part is very clear.
  3. After hot water, it tastes sweet and sour, because pure honey contains a lot of organic acids and enzymes, but false honey only tastes sweet.
  4. Checking whether honey is crystallized is also a way to judge whether honey is true or false. Chen Yuwen said that honey contains a high amount of fructose and glucose. Under the circumstances of high glucose content, low water content and low temperature, honey is easy to crystallize, while false honey takes fructose as the main raw material and will not crystallize. Among them, lychee honey and citrus honey have high glucose content and are easy to crystallize, while longan honey is not. Therefore, liquid honey may be true or false, while fully crystallized honey must be true honey.

3、 Look and smell

First of all, look at the appearance: high quality honey has strong light transmittance and less impurities and foam. The honey color of different flower species is also different, for example, longan honey is amber, and litchi honey is light.

Secondly, smell the fragrance: pure honey has a faint floral fragrance, while impure honey has a taste of artificial essence. Finally, taste the flavor: good honey is fresh and mellow in the mouth, leaving a lingering fragrance after swallowing, while poor honey has no flavor or rancidity. Why is honey so excellent? Honey is nectar secreted by plant nectaries or honeydew secreted by insects. It is brewed by bees after collection, processing, mixing bees’ saliva, adding various enzymes, and transforming sugar in honey into glucose and fructose, becoming the main component of honey.

Both glucose and fructose are monosaccharides, which can be directly absorbed and used by the human body to generate heat. In addition to the low fat characteristics and the added value of a variety of vitamins and minerals, they are good nutritional supplements. The sweet but not greasy taste of honey is a good choice to replace granulated sugar. It can be made into honey cake by adding cakes, which can be poured on the Guiling paste to neutralize the bitter taste. It can even add a spoonful of honey to drinks such as kumquat and lemon to add more fragrant taste.

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